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Fitting location: right front axle drive shaft

Length: 808mm, external teeth on the wheel side 36, thread M20x1.5, diameter1 90mm, diameter2 108mm

Manufacturer: MAXGEAR

VW Golf IV     2.3 V5   08/1997 - 10/2000   2324cc  150HP

VW Golf IV 4 engine  2.3 V5   12/1998 - 10/2000   2324cc   150HP

VW Golf IV drive shaft, drive shaft on the right 49-1701

SKU: 49-1701
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  • Part number / comparison number

    49-1701, 27-0748MG,  1J0407418P, 1J0407452NX, 1J0407272FK, 1J0407272DC, 1J0407272CT, 1J0407272CS, 1J0407272CR, 1J0407272CQ, 1J0407272BT

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